Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Oh yet another trip to the Rockies

Hi To all our friends in Blog land!!! Well as indicated another trip to the Rockies last week. Gai and I had a lovely time and there was lots of snow and quite warm, well at least it got to 5 degrees.
I have cheated a bit in the pictures as the above photo was taken when we visited the Fairmont Hotel in Banff in January. I just love the mirror image of the mountains in Josh's Canadian beer. It was quite flat I imagine by the time he got to drink it. There are some better ones but they are all on there sides and I am still working out how to turn them.

This photo Gai took looking out over the Fairmont's balcony. It was really cold that day so this is the only outside photo that she managed to take of the mountains. It is the actually mountain in the drink above. What a beautiful season Winter is in the mountains.
This is a photo of the house we are staying in. Most of the snow has melted but there is a bit still hanging on. Last Friday when we were coming home we had a bit of a snow storm, which wasnt much fun to drive in. While Gai took photos and thought it was great fun I expressed my fear of driving in a blizzard. She called me a "woos" and told me to get over it, mind you she was a lot quieter when cars started spinning of the road and sliding when we got near the traffic lights. Oh the joys of winter. We got about 6 inches of snow over night I think and the path was covered once more with snow.
The last two photos are of Lake Louise. Gai took the top one last week. The other one was taken in September last year. What a difference from Autum to winter. People were skating on the lake and cross country skiing. There had been ten or more ice sculptures at lake louise when Clayton and I were there 3 weeks ago but because it was soooooo hot they had melted.
What an amazing country Canada is. Lots of new experiences each day. A whole new language to learn, ha ha. We havent picked up a Canadian accent yet but our friends have learnt a great deal of Australian. Chook seems to be one of the favourites which they still pronounce as "chalk". I will miss the amazing friends we have made here but hopefully we will be able to give them a tour of our own beautiful country some day.

Phil is on his last trip to the ice roads. He has enjoyed the experience a lot and has had the opportunity to see the Northern lights most times. How amazing is that. I will just have to look at pictures I guess. I am not allowed to go with him on the ice roads so have missed this adventure.

Well my friend, hopefully some of you are still popping in now and again. Sorry for taking so long but Tour guides dont have much time.