Monday, August 27, 2007

Another fantastic week with Mum in Banff

What a lovely week we had in Banff, which is another tourist town in the Rockies. We stayed 5 nights in the town and did day trips. Phil had a week off to spend time with his Mum. The mirror images are just unbelievable. This one is not the best photo we have, but I did enjoy taking this photo. The lengths we go to to bring you your photos for the blog. Mind you the water was freezing. While being a bit out of order, it was on the way to the famous Icefields, between Banff and Jasper.
This photo is taken on a Glacier at the Icefields where special buses/machines go out on to the glacier. Yes it was cold and damp. The ice below is hundreds of feet deep, so safe (I hope) to walk on. Mind you there were some holes you wouldnt want to step into. Beyond the blue markers wasnt safe to walk and we were not ment to walk there, the photo tells it all actually. There are lots of deep holes in the glacier and people have actually died by falling in and freezing with in minutes. The trip was really interesting, and the drivers must get sick of the same information and jokes 20 or so times a day.
What a fantastic group photo of mountain sheep. Pa, Ma and Baby. This was shot on top of Sulphur Mountain. We went up in skyway thing that took us to the top. The views are incredible and it was very cold. When we first got off the skyway we were greeted with sounds of a beautiful 4 stringed quartet. They were doing a promotion on the quartet festival coming the next week to Banff. The quartet were going to unusual places to show that music can be enjoyed anywhere. It was simply magical looking over the Rocky Mountains with music drifting across the valleys. What a treat for us all.
One top of the world once again. Sulphur Mountain is taller than Mt Kosiosco, as is most of the mountains in the Canadian Rockies. This is actually looking over the town of Banff. We stayed in a apartment looking out onto the smaller mountain in the middle, called Tunnel Mountian. On the right hand side is a huge golf course.
Last photo for today, can I say between Mum, Phil and I we have taken over 1500 photos, so I do promise a couple more. This was taken at the Fairmont Spring Hotel. It is featured in all the travel brochures about The Canadian Rockies. This is just a hallway leading onto the Grand ballroom and the other end leads onto another Ballroom with a night in shining armour and kings, queens chairs in it. Phil and I had a quick dance around the ballroom, I couldnt resist. It did take me back to the time when I was swept of my feet by a Handsome Young Night in Shining Armour, (okay Alan don't get a swollen head I have to say that, it makes for a good story) who danced with me in the Sydney Town Hall Ballroom. (Was that a "Do not Enter" sign, Al). Alan this one was heaps more sophisticated Im sure we would do a rather impressive, eye catching, waltz here. They even had magnificant music playing so we wouldnt have to hum our own. Arnt memories special. As I continue to "experience" Canada many memories come back of fun times and even sad times that are special to me. Memories are made by us and are made each day. We had a buffet luncheon at the Hotel which was just amazing. I dont think I have ever been into such a beautiful restaurant before with its old fashioned chairs and decor.
Only one more week till Mum goes home. I have so enjoyed sharing some of Canada with Her and know she will take back some special memories. Mark and Linda arrive from England at the end of September so I guess I will have to just take them to the rockies. They are only here for a week so it will be a very quick trip.
Have a great week and "Take time to smell the roses"

2nd Tag

Pay it Forward....

I've joined the Pay it Forward challenge. I think it will be fun. I joined over at Sarah's blog. She does beautiful work, has a great blog, and I can't wait to receive something that she has made.............I love doing things for people and making gifts for my friends. The first three people to join me will receive a handmade gift from me. I have 365 days to make it and send. Hopefully it won't take me that long though.Then each of you three must also put this on your blog and get three people each to sign up. Then you make your three people a handmade gift. I think it sounds great. Hopefully three bloggers out there will want a handmade gift from me. All you have to do is put this fun challenge up on your blog and lets keep it going. I have three bloggers out there that would like a handmade prezzie from me.............leave a comment but you had better be quick................Tina

I have been tagged twice!!!

I have been tagged by Kerry at Cottage on the Hill - 8 random things about me Hum- thanks Kerry!

RULES - Post rules before giving the facts - Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves - People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules - At the end of the your blog you need to tag eight people and list their names - Leave them a comment on their blog, telling them they have been tagged and not to forget to read your blog.

1) I love Beach Houses!(especially the ones in Melbourne)

2) My favourite sayings are "Seize the Day" and "Take time to smell the roses".

3) I hate predictable Humour.

4) I always wanted to be a Nurse or even a Doctor.

5) Drawing would be something I wished I could do.

6) I would love to jump out of a plane but am too chicken to do that.

7) Working in a Third World Country would be my ultimate job.

8) I dont know any other bloggers who I can tag, that havent already been tagged so am unable to complete my task.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


This is not a job for the faint hearted

Sort of looks Ok till you look at the next photo below

The picture was at a wharehouse I had to deliver to, firstly I thought it was a photoshop manipulation, but was assured it was for real, there OH&S person used it as a "What not to do"example when he was doing there annual OH&S review.

Apparently is is here in Alberta, Fort McMurray they were told.


Friday, August 17, 2007

Just a few more images of our time in Jasper

Just thought you would enjoy a few more photos. The top photo was of some Woodpeckers that just flew onto the tree while we were standing there. And yes they do make a sound like a carpenter hammering in nails. They must be pretty accurate as we didnt hear any "darns" while we were there. (sorry no reflection on the my carpenter friends).
This photo was taken at Jasper Lodge, which is a beautiful old lodge with lovely expensive shop , lots of accommodation and cafes in it. You are free to wander the grounds and have coffee there. People can picnic and there is lots of wild life in the grounds. There are chairs scattered around the edge of the lake to sit and watch the magnificant scenery.
Now I have been amazed by the large bees, they are bumble bees, so this is a close up even just for me. Note the fly next to it. They are yellow and fluffy like in patchwork books.
Ah, sorry this one just slipped in. This is the life of a tour guide, well almost, no glass of wine!
This is after a cruise on Lake Maligne. I think this shot says it all. Mum is having a beautiful time. Carnt wait to show her the next part of the Rockies.
This little fella wouldnt move. She was in such a hurry to gobble down as much as he could. Note the shavings around her. It wasnt till we took Phil back to see Patrica Lake that we noticed that this little lady is suckling young. No wonder she was eating so fast. We looked for her young ones but couldnt find them and didnt really want to disturb her.

On top of the Tram way in Jasper I think you can see till the end of the world. not really the mountains are in the way. Phils Mum doesnt like heights but was brave and came up. Actually I dont think she realized what she was getting into until it was too late. But note who is closest to the edge. Also note the lack of fences to protect from going over the edge.
Well have a lovely week, as i am sure we will in Banff.
See ya Tina

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Im truely sorry about the writing beside the photo, I have edited and tried all sorts of things but at the risk of loosing photos I have decided to leave it as it is. Any suggestions??? If I had more time Im sure I could work it out. Sorry Tina

6 days in Jasper Absolutely Awsome

Once again I am very slack with my blogging. I have been in Jasper with Phils Mum for 6 days. How fantastic was that. It is truely indiscribable to be in the Rocky Mountains. Especially exciting was the morning we woke and there was a fresh dump of snow on the top of the mountains. I have seen them fully covered with snow but I can only say they were just as beautiful, if not a little warmer. We went for a cruise on Lake Maligne, in the rain, but we learnt so much and saw the snow covered peaks up closer. We saw Carabou up real close then watched them swim across Lake Patricia. Not many folk have seen that, I had to contain my excitment so I wouldnt frighten them. We also saw chipmunks, squirrels, coyotes, elk, deer and woodpeckers. I have never seen a woodpecker and they really do sound like they are a carpenter hammering in nails. They had a bright red head so Ill have to find out what they are. I have so many pictures to share but dont know what to put on.

Phil joined us for the weekend as he had a load to go to Vancouver which was nice. We went up the Jasper Tramway and were on top of the world. We were at 2277 metres above sea level,(which is higher than Kosiosco) then did a bit of walking around, where we say some gophers and a guinee pig thingy. The photo doesnt really show the magnitude or the beaut of the lookout, but you get an idea. Will post some better ones soon. The town below is actually Jasper which only has a population of around 2500 people, but it was crowded with RVs and tourist, being the summer holidays. Actually we nearly slept in the car as we left our accommadation looking till late. We we managed to score a gorgous little log cabin, beside a bubbling river, looking out onto the snow cover mountains with the squirrels and chipmunks running about us. Have you had enough, I must say Phil will have to work a lot harder for a few weeks to pay for it, But I couldnt let Mum sleep in the car!!!

The last photo was a little lake just on the side of the road where we stopped. The mirror images were amazing. Our timing was fantastic and we got lots of photos here. We went for a walk around and each few metres the images changed so much. How wonderful are digital cameras.

The Rockies are so amazing it is so hard to descibe the sights, sounds and even the different smells. Phil has a week of next week so we are of to Banff. It is so lovely to be able to share this beautiful country with Phils Mum and we are looking forward to our week away.

It is impossible for me to write about the Rockies without acknowledging God the Creator, who has given us such undiscribable beauty to enjoy. It makes me think about Psalm 8 and reminds me to thank Him for his kindness to us daily.

Okay until next time, have a great week and think, seriously, about visiting us here, I suppose I would be prepared to be your tour guides, its a tough job, but someone has to do it.


Wednesday, August 1, 2007

What a fantastic Holiday down under!!!!

Good job Grandma!!!!!!!

Sorry for the long delay in Blogging, I have been further occupied, as the photos show.

The first two weeks in Oz were spend with Tim, Kate and Elijah, with visits from Josh and Jane and a sleep over at Joshs house. Josh introduced me to the Indian "Rice and Sauce" very cheep but delicious. Tim as usual cooked me some fantastic dinners. (He actually allowed me to share His kitchen with him one night.) It was cold and raining most of the time, but with my family around and lots of time together it was probably just what I needed.

A visit with Aunty Mavis, Aunty Wendy and Aunty Thel was great, it gave me some time to reflect on my Uncle Lauries life and to have some special time with them to share our memories.

I then flew to Hobart to see Kylie and Clayton. Man it was cold over there. What a beautiful city Hobart is. We basically chilled, had lunch time picnics with Clay, walked, shopped, brought clothes, got lost, tasted sheeps cheese, (which was disgusting, but the experience and the fun we had was worth it, I think) and shared dinners together, and caught up with some old friends, Anna, Adam and Kristy. Kristy, whitebait really wasnt worth trying!!! Sorry. Clay seemed to enjoy it though. I actually put it up there with the sheeps cheese!
It was great to share some time out with them and just relax before the next marathon few weeks.

Next off to Tamworth for the Christmas in July Weekend. What do I say "How much fun was that"!

Imagine 28 women in a school room with sewing machines, fabric, amazing food, special teacher, pressies and lots of laughter, not much sleep and too much coffee and chocolate.

How fantastic! Brilliant job Kerry!

It was also great to have so many new ideas to bring back to Canada.

It is hard not being involved with a group of quilters over here as I so lack ideas and enthusiasm, so hopefully this will keep me going till next years weekend. (I havent told Phil about that one yet)

I spent the next week with my friend Gai and we had too much talking, sewing, and chocolate for any one to

I did however finish Elijahs quilt. I was so pleased. I do have a better photo of the quilt but could resist putting on a photo with him in it.

I caught up with a few friends whilst in Tamworth. We had a sewing day at Gais with Anne, Will, Kathy, Pat and Bonnie. I think I was the only one who sewed, they all talked too much. I also spent a lovely afternoon with a friend who cooked me Lamb Chops, mashed potatoes and peas. Oh how fantastic, the things you miss are amazing. We also had "Lunch in the Paddock" at a friends farm. I felt very privilaged to be invited to a family lunch with them. Also to share a few hours with Phils family and to enjoy Zacs 13th birthday was fun.

Catching up with my clients and staff was one of the highlights for me. They were excited to see me but not as half as excited I was to see them. We had lots of catching up to do. We made pizzas together one night also managed to have lunch together on the Saturday before I left.

I also went to Church and this gave me an opportunity to catch up with the Church folk which was fantastic.

After a tearfully farewell to Gai and her Mum at the Kootingal train station, I was joined by Phils mum in Tamworth to travel to the Central Coast to spend the last 2 days with Tim, Kate, Elijah and Josh. This was proved to be a very emotional few days for me.

Elijah introduced me to Kippy Koala which I must of read a million times to him. A highlight for me was Elijah sitting on my knee staring at me for about 20 minutes while I sang most of the (revised version) of Sound of Music to him. How special! (He probably wondered why Grandma was putting him through that)

I am amazingly blessed with many friends and wonderful kids. I loved every minute I could spend with them and Thank God daily for giving me this special gift. Each child is individual and gives me great pleasure in seeing them grow into adults and I feel privilaged that I could have this time with them all. I thank you guys for giving me this opportunity to spend with you and miss you all greatly. Kate you are a gem.

Okay until next blog, which also will be long. I have done so many things since being back. The trip home was almost a chapter on its own. Perhaps I should write a book!!!

See ya