Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Sorry I have been a bit busy lately!!

Hi From the Land down Under, My name is Elijah McIntosh and I am 7 months old. I have been keeping grandma very busy with cuddles, kisses, songs, new tricks, dancing and now my newest tricks rasberries. Grandma has washed up once or twice and has helped Mummy and Daddy around the house, Daddy gets a bit defensive when Grandma is in His kitchen but they did manage to do a joint cooking venture and they both survived!
Grandma is going to Tasmania at 5.00am to see Aunty Kylie and Uncle Clayton. She said it was going to snow down there. Uncle Clayton is making a cartoon for TV and hopefully when I am bigger I will be allowed to watch it.
Grandma says she will miss me but not half as bad as she will miss me when she goes back to Canada. She has already had a few tears. But Grandpa misses her so she needs to go back and show him all the photos of me she has taken.

After her trip to Tasmania she is going to Tamworth to a quilting weekend. I just wish she would get my quilt finished. It is only 7 months late. Maybe she will save it for when i have a brother or sister but she assures me she will finish when she is there. So please dont keep grandma too busy with cups of coffees and cake as she has an important job to do there.

Grandma will then come back for a couple more days to visit with me and Great Grandma will come with her. They are then leaving on the 25th July to go to Canada for more adventures. But first Im sure will come the tears and more of those Grandma kisses. Hope you enjoy my photos as grandma thinks Im the cutest little boy ever. I will say goodnight as I am really sleepy and I need to practice my new skill called "sleeping" . Love to you all Elijah and Grandma

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