Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Legal to Drive

Well as Tina mentioned it was a coooooold start yesterday morning!!!!!!!!
As well as a cold morning I had to be at the Depot at 7.00am to connect the Tractor to the trailer and do all the required inspections and be at the SGI (equivelent to the RTA in NSW) examination centre before 8.00am.
It was an interesting start as the yard was so iced up we had to use chains to be able to get the trailer out or its location. Diff locks were not sufficient so a chain on 1 tyre was used and Diff locks engaged (Diff lock Locks the 4 drive wheels to turn at the same revolutions). we only had to move 30 -40 meters and then were on fresh snow which allows sufficient traction to get out of the depot. The driver assesment test went ok,
I passed which was good as it allows for us to leave for Edmonton as we had planned.

The sign was interesting, actually the river had lumps of ice aprox 600mm x 300x200 floating down it. I wasn't tempted to go against the signs recomendation.

Man its cold!!!!!!!!!!!

I made the mistake of taking my gloves of to get some photos for you guys. It was -20 at around

10.30am. I then had to make a rather long phone call to get the power connected to our flat in Edmonton and didnt realise I would get so cold. It took me 6 hours to thaw out. I wont do that again. But I must admit it was worth the beautiful photos. The first photo was taken just straight up through the trees. When the wind blew a little the flakes of snow would fall and look like tinsel in the sunlight. It was just amazing. The other photo is of the street, Im glad Im not driving at the moment. I just think I will observe at the moment. On Thursday we go back to Edmonton and start our Big move. 4 bags wont take long to unpack. We get the phone and internet connected on Monday afternoon, Tuesday in Australia. Havent found any more patchwork shops but until we find furniture etc I guess I wont be doing any fabric shopping. I have finished a stitchery,which I will frame of poka-dot ladies, my first decoration for our unit. Well must go, today was -22 degrees but the sun was out, so didnt seem as cold, mind you I wore 2 sets of gloves today. Bye

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Truckin Canada

Yeaterday and today were spent passing the 5 theory tests on road rules and about 8 hours driving. The Tractor (prime mover) as the locals call them, is a Western Star and thankfully the trailer is only a 45 footer not the standard 53 footer which will be the size I will be hauling around Canada and the States. It is quite taxing on the other side of the road but the instructer seems to be pleased with how I am adapting. One of the difficult things for me is I dont know the roads and how many lanes are normal on them. When it gets icy and slippery the local council dumps sand on the ice and covers the road markings, the locals know if it is 1, 2, or 3 lanes but it is a guess for me and so far i have generally guessed 1 too few. The snow is built up on the edges taking some of the lane but the locals still have 3 lanes if it is a three laned road. As you drive along there are sections where the road marking are visible and the lane is 1/3 into the next marked lane.The instruction is to stay in the location the general flow is going.
Had to do a rather quick stop for some lights and had my first experience of stopping in slippery conditions, the tractor pulled up straight but i managed to have the trailer slide and take 1/2 the next lane. Providentually there was no one in that lane.


No chooks on this snowy photo!!!!!!! There is a pun in that.

This photo is a bit out of order, mind you it would be lovely if all our family were with us. This is the morning we left waiting for the train. Kylie looks like she is ready to leave with us, but she was the nominated bag carrier.!!!

Yesterday I went for a 8km walk in search of the Fabric shop. When I got there it was like Spotlight, exactly like spotlight but smaller. Couldnt find a thing. The fabric on special was only for members. So I took it as a day of excercise instead of a day of inspiration. It is cold here but nothing like I thought it would be. You just rug up take your coat and gloves of everytime you go into a room, shopping mall etc.

I have done a lot of sewing having finally finished my WOW quilt after 2 1/2 years. Sorry, no chooks to display my quilt with just snow. I had to take it out to show the snow and the quilt.
I also have basically finished 4 tea towels I had ready for family gifts 2 years ago that I hadnt finished, so they are ready for our new/old apartment in Edmonton. Sorry family you miss out. See ya Tina

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Monday, February 19, 2007

My First Day at Work

I had an interesting day today. We woke to -13 with a plan to be on a bus at 7.05, change to conecting bus at 7.30, and be at the training centre at 8.00am to start with time up my sleeve. Buses don't start on public holidays (family day today, new to this province this year) till 9.00 am. So a brisk hour and 10 min walk still had me the first to arrive. In fact the only one to arrive apart from trainer. A bit of paper work then start on the trucks. 4 prime movers were parked in the shed at a warm 25 degrees, as I was reversing one out the drive wheels hit the ice and there I sat. After some effort I got the truck back in to shed and was advised to take a gentle run up. After connecting tractor to trailer it started to snow. Next 40 mins were quite cool ( not the way Kylie and Josh use cool) but believe it or not quite enthusing, (still -10 degrees.)

Hi all , stayed at home and did my hand sewing and tried to navigate cable TV, 50 to 60 channels. Tomorrow Im going shopping to a fabric warehouse where there is a 50 to 70% sale on. There is a beautiful husky dog outside our cafe window rolling in the snow having a lovely time. I'm Just waiting for an indian cheif to come along. Robynne I will send some cool down to Lightening Ridge!!!!!! I just ordered a hot chocolate and it came smothered in chocolate cream, yummy but!!!!!!!!!!! See ya Tina

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Where on earth we are!!!

The circles are locating Edmonton and Saskatoon to show where we are at the moment and where we have been to assist in your plans for visiting us

Friday, February 16, 2007

I think I could get used to this.!!!!!!!!

I forgot to mention our apartment is 5 mins

from West Edmonton Mall, Biggest mall in the


Out of our Bed and Breakfast window.

Walking to the bus stop, after it had been snowing.

-26 unbelievable

Well what do we say???? Arriving at -26 was quite a shock, snow was as far as the eye can see.
The Air China flight was just fantastic and our over night stay was at a Golf Country Club which was very posh. Phil and I have get an apartment and all the official paper work done and tomorrow we are of to Saskatoon (8 hour bus ride) for Phil to start his training. The folk in Canada are just so friendly it is unbelievable. It snowed today which ment it was warmer and was just magical. Im thinking of making my own Christmas Card collection because that is what it reminds me off. It was lovely to hear from you Robynne a letter and address is coming when i figure out the postal system. Kerry we were 2 days short of Asias New year so plenty of decorations that reminded me of what you were trying to do for Nicoles birthday. Well hopefully I will down load some photos if it works. Of course I have found time to buy Elijah (grandson) an outfit, because winter sales are on he might end up with a wardrobe full. See ya.