Sunday, January 21, 2007

This is overlooking Banff from Sulphur Mountain. We braved a gondola ride up here.
This is Lake Louise in September. We climbed 4km to a tea house. Just amazing. The tea house is closed over winter. The people working there have to be helicoptered in at the beginning of the season and out at the end.

Still packing

We have 2 chairs, an esky, a matress, a computer and of course as everyone has the day before you move out, a light box! left in the house. I havent finished tracing patterns onto my patchwork squares yet. I should have had my priorities right in the first placeand left the packing and cleaning till it was finished.
Well Edmonton was -14 degrees today. It will be interesting to arrive on the 13th February in our jeans and sloppy joes. Aparently even my wool blend coat isnt enough to protect me.
We sold heaps of things over the weekend including out transport so that will be interesting to see how we get around in Tamworth for the next couple of weeks. One couple who brought our industrial sewing machine and ute, have just come back from Canada. They sailed there in their own boat which they actually built. Kerry you will be interested to know they went via Japan then sailed onto Canada. When they got there did some looking around then went up to Alaska and got stuck there for a year. They had a fantastic time, getting to know the locals in a port where they lived on the boat in the cold. And I thought Phil and I were adventurous!!!!!! After a very long few days it was a pleasure to meet them and a refreshing change to talk to such motivated, adventurous and free spirited people. Perhaps Phil and I could sail home???
When I work out how to put some photos on I post some high lights of our trip in September.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Still packing

Well the house has been sold, the cupboards packed, we are living out of an esky and pretty tired. A bit over a month till we leave for a very different lifestyle. We swop 40 degrees with
-25 degrees, a big house for a small apartment, and our car for public transport. Mad, well maybe we will tell you when we get there on the 13th February 2007.